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Предупреждение о мошенничестве

В случае возникновения подозрений на мошеннические действия, не производите оплату на месте, убедитесь, что перекупщик работает с заводом, связавшись со специалистами компании по телефону или электронной почте.

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Качественные строительные материалы

АэроБЛОК» - крупнейшее предприятие по производству газобетона в Северо-Западном регионе, выпускающее газобетонные блоки автоклавного твердения.

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To partners


We value every customer and therefore we approach every customer with full responsibility.

Quality assurance

AeroBlock gas silicate blocks are inspected at each stage of production, which allows to guarantee high quality products.

High capacity

Production capacity of AeroBlock factory can fully meet the demand of the Kaliningrad region for gas silicate blocks and dry mortars.

Team of professionals

Our managers are not only sellers, but specialists as well. They will help choose the right product and calculate the right amount. The will assist you at every stage of the process.

Wide range

At our factory, we produce a large and the most popular range of gas silicate blocks, where you can order blocks of any size. AeroBlock produces high quality dry mortars in large volumes.

Special prices

We offer special prices for our products for developers and wholesale buyers.

We invite to cooperation

AeroBlock invites building organizations to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms as partners.






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