Aeroblock is the biggest aerated concrete manufacturer in Kaliningrad, producing autoclaved aerated concrete blocks.

This young enterprise started its work in August, 2014. All manufacturing processes on the factory are automated and performed with German high-tech equipment Wehrhahn.

Перегородочные блоки

As active participant of import substitution programme, the factory produces around 1000m3 of product a day. Production capacity for a year is 300,000m3 of blocks.

Even though this construction material’s popularity is growing; AeroBlock is already able to fully provide the constructions of the Kaliningrad region with aerated concrete blocks. At the same time, our product quality is not inferior to foreign analogues.

AeroBlock has already gained well-deserved popularity among professional builders and private real estate owners.

7 700 m²
of production facilities


More than 30
units of equipment


300,000 m³
of gas silicate blocks a year


More than 30
types of product




loading and unloading unit



AeroBlock aerated concrete blocks advantages

  • The company’s products have optimal technical and thermal indicators. Thanks to perfect geometrical shape of construction material, buildings made of AeroBlocks have modern and attractive appearance.

  • High-quality aerated concrete blocks are absolutely ecologically safe. Only natural mineral materials are used in the production, such as water, sand, lime and cement. What is more, the material has high environmental resistance and is as solid as rocks.

  • Aerated concrete has more pronounced heat-insulating properties than other construction materials. A single-layer 300-400mm thick wall will keep the heat inside the building. 

  • AeroBlock is widely used in private low-rise construction of summer houses or full-time residence cottages. Our products are also in demand for high-rise construction.

  • The block’s variable density (D 400-700) allows to erect walls of buildings with a height of up to 6 floors provided professional engineering calculations of the project are made.

  • The quality of AeroBlock is strictly controlled at every stage of production, from the testing of raw materials in the laboratories of the enterprise to the technological tests of the finished product. That explains its compliance with strict European standards.

“Gas silicate concrete is universal. It is used for the construction of industrial facilities, in civil engineering, for high-rise residential areas, and, of course, for private residences and summer houses”

A. Danishevskiy

AeroBlock factory constantly masters new production technologies and develops and improves new projects of buildings and constructions from gas-concrete blocks.

In AeroBlock, we care deeply about our clients and we are ready to provide advice and practical assistance in the application of our production.