Partitional blocks

AeroBlock partitional blocks unite light weight and design reliability of the construction, which will withstand all the tasks assigned to it.

Partitional blocks are a great solution if you want to zone the room. The product is in high demand for::

  • building dwellings with any number of floors;
  • industrial buildings;
  • commercial buildings, such as malls or office buildings.

The material is produced with densities of D700, D600, D500.

Setup options are the following:

Length, mm Height, mm Width, mm
600±2 250±1 100±1
600±2 250±1 150±1

You can easily find the product with the necessary setup for your construction task. However, you need to pay attention to the various sizes.

Deviations from the given dimensions are minimal, they equal to those of the Ist class..

Aerated concrete partitional blocks characteristics

Aerated concrete partitional blocks meet high quality standards. The product is made of the mixture of cement and silica sand. Gas-forming agents – hydrated soda and aluminum dust with aluminum paste add porous structure to the product. Autoclave synthesis method is used in the production of aerated concrete.

The product is not a source of harmful radiation; it does not have a pronounced smell or toxic elements. Therefore, it is successfully used in the construction with maximum high environmental and health safety requirements.

Thermal and physic-mechanical properties of aerated concrete blocks are:

Density measurement D500 D600
Standard bulk density, kg/m3 500±35 600±35
Compression strength, MPa 2,5 3,5
Heat conduction coefficient on a dry basis λ0 [W / (m × C)] 0,12 0,14
Dry shrinkage, [mm/m], not more than 0,4 0,4
Freeze thaw resistance F50 F50

Extra features

At AeroBlock, you can purchase aerated concrete blocks of exclusive class. You can find out the cost of products per cube from our managers. You can find all the contacts on the site. When ordering, take into consideration conveying-loading product parameters:

The material has several characteristic features:

  • Durability. It does not rot or decompose over time. It has high mechanical stress resistance. However, you should remember that partitional aerated concrete blocks are not used for load-bearing elements.
  • Ease of use. Due to its relatively small weight, there is no need to use expensive special-purpose machines in construction. Aerated concrete is easily cut and fitted to size. Affordable and easy-to-use cement-based adhesive mixtures are used as masonry admixtures.
  • Efficiency. Aerated concrete reduces the cost of construction and subsequent use. The walls made of the material are perfectly even. As a result, plaster work takes less time and effort. Small air pores evenly distributed throughout the structure of the material provide excellent sound and heat insulation. For this reason, it is often possible to do without additional protective coatings. What is more, you need less heating resources.

You can buy partitional blocks at AeroBlock factory in Kaliningrad. Contact us by calling +7 (4012) 670-222 or leave a request on the site.